Our Mission: KENYA

In the fall of 2016, ITEM Board members Mike McLaughlin and Will Hesterberg responded to an invitation to teach in Kenya at All Nations College.  There near the capital of Nairobi, they  discovered a school already seeking to train pastors and church leaders but needing help.  All Nations College, established in 2008, has provided classes to pastors from many denominations from the countries in East Africa such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda.


While there are many Christians in East Africa, they often lack depth in their teaching and training.  Consequently, in countries such as Kenya, Christianity has not impacted the culture significantly and many false notions infiltrate the churches.  It is the desire of Daniel Muindi, director of All Nations College, to partner with ITEM to provide solidly Biblical training that will equip pastors to teach their congregations how to follow Christ, counter false teaching and make a difference in their communities.


At ITEM’s 2017 spring meeting, the Board unanimously decided to begin sending instructors to Kenya as our newest mission field and our first on the continent of Africa.  We foresee that serving in Kenya will open up to us other opportunities in Africa as well.  Kenya, with the 7th largest population in Africa is neighbors with Ethiopia (2nd largest population), Uganda (10th), Sudan (8th), Democratic Republic of Congo (4th), and Tanzania (6th) with a combined population of 370 million.


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