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How much are you willing to give? Feel free to donate any amount you like; these are just suggestions. The amounts here are approximate, costs are subject to change due to inflation and other economic conditions.


ITEM is a not-for-profit organization that relies solely upon the faithful giving of our supporters for the work of the ministry in the countries of the former Soviet Bloc and worldwide, such as India, to help support our efforts to equip Christian leaders.


Theological education is the safest investment that you can make. It withstands Roman armies, World Wars, Communism and dictatorships, and it can be passed on from generation to generation.


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  • David Ludwick Memorial Matching Fund

    $100.00A gift of $100.00 to the David Ludwick Memorial Matching Fund (named after ITEM’s beloved first director) helps cover the travel expenses and small stipend for a seminary student or pastor accompanying an ITEM instructor teaching at an ITEM institution in Ukraine.  Gifts to this Fund will be matched.

  • Sponsor an entire course for one student

    $240.00$240 pays for an entire course for one student.  That student takes his training back to his church and community.

  • Sponsor an ITEM newsletter

    $500.00$500 helps us to print and mail one of our six Newsletters published each year.  These newsletters contain informative reports from our instructors who teach at locations around the world as well as news of developments and initiatives of ITEM.

  • Sponsor monthly travel/expenses of ITEM staff

    $1000.00$1,000 helps cover the monthly travel and expenses of our President/Executive Director who recruits instructors and presents ITEM to presbyteries, classis, churches, and individual investors.

  • Sponsor instructors travel costs to any of our mission fields

    $2000.00$2,000 covers an instructor’s travel costs to any of our fields in India, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, or Ukraine.  Our instructors, usually pastors or seminary professors, share their years of training and experience with new leaders all over the world.

  • Sponsor monthly support of our training institution in Latvia

    $2500.00$2,500 covers the monthly support of our training institution, Baltic Reformed Theological Seminary in Riga, Latvia.  BRTS offers excellent theological training for the reformed churches throughout the Baltic region.

  • Sponsor a Preaching Conference

    $5000.00$5,000 helps us offer a Preaching Conference where 2-3 gifted speakers address a variety of subjects to attract potential students and help us deter-mine if there is interest in beginning a new training center in that locale.

  • Sponsor monthly support of our training institution in Ukraine

    $3125.00$3,125 supports our training institution, Kiev Regional Bible College, in Ukraine for a month.   KRBC offers training to Ukrainian pastors and lay leaders as well as to students coming to Ukraine from other former satellite countries.

  • Help us open up a new field somewhere in the world

    $5000.00$5,000 helps us open up a new field somewhere in the world.  This covers traveling to new fields, working with national churches leaders, establishing curriculum, recruiting translators, and renting facilities where students can meet for the training.


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Contributions to ITEM in Canada may be sent to ITEM, c/o Action International Ministries, 3015A  21st NE Calgary AB T2E 7T1